Chatbot - assistant of the future or seller of the present?

When do we decide to buy a product?

The Deloitte report shows that 4 out of 5 customers make purchasing decisions before they wil go to the store. They use increasingly accessible and intuitive digital solutions.

Customers visit the websites of manufacturers or service providers to check product availability and compare prices. A malfunctioning website discourages them from familiarizing themselves with the offered products. And too high a price closes the possibility of shopping in a specific store.

It is at such moments that there are problems with selling.

What can you do as a reseller?

Invest in digital solutions that will dispel customer doubts about the purchase, e.g. in an intelligent chatbot. The virtual seller (supported by the AI mechanism) will show customers which products are most often chosen by users and why.

Chatbot increases the Customer Experience indicator, i.e. the level of customer satisfaction due to contact with a brand representative.

  • It provides information about products and services in seconds.
  • It sends personalized notifications to the customer while completing the order or after purchase.
  • It prepares the personalized offer - according to the client's expectations.
  • It adjusts the most frequently chosen payment and order fulfilment methods to the customer's existing orders.
  • It reminds customers of the promotional offer and its duration.
  • It asks about his performance and customer satisfaction.

Chatbot provides quick response to customer questions

The customers count not only on the low price.

Contact with the brand is of great value for them - creating an experience that the company responds to the customer's needs and wants to solve their problems. The chatbot responds to these needs. We introduce it to the website, online store or mobile application.

Interactivity is an important feature - especially since clients want to receive information immediately. And he doesn't wait several hours for a consultant's response. Therefore, a chatbot turns out to be an excellent seller, brand promoter and distributor of information.

Online shopping with the help of a chatbot

Electronic, automotive and furniture products are most searched for on the web. These are items that will serve us for many years. A demanding user wants to be sure that he has chosen the best product. So it is important to prepare complete product descriptions and provide additional information.

A chatbot can help in the second task. It will inform the customer about the properties/characteristics of a given product and recommend products that may interest the customer. It will do it based on the history of previous orders, based on the most frequently selected products or after recognizing the customer's preferences.

Chatbot uses information about the customer, i.e. the sources of its acquisition and the viewed products. It carries out a customer behaviour analysis and suggests new products that can meet customer requirements. Additionally, it can offer a discount to loyal customers or inform customers about a promotion or the latest products.

Most importantly, the chatbot won't leave the customer without help. It will accompany him through the entire purchasing process. It will remind the customer of an unrealized basket, direct them to new products and lead to the finalization of sales.

Chatbot communicates using scripts

Chatbot will conduct many conversations at the same time

It will provide detailed information about the product, delivery options and payment methods.

It will also indicate where the customer can make a complaint or exchange the product. So the chatbot will also support stationary points of sale.

The role of a sales chatbot can be 24/7 customer service, personalizing messages and automatically carrying out repetitive activities.

How will the chatbot work? It depends on you! Our specialists will help you prepare a chatbot that will optimize your company's sales processes and increase your sales rate.

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