Hire a robot

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Generally speaking, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a technology that allows for the replication of human activities and tasks, especially the repetitive ones. A robot can perform the same activities performed by an employee on a computer, usually much faster and without errors.

In some ways, RPA is nothing new

For decades, companies have been looking for technologies that will automate and facilitate ongoing processes to increase efficiency, improve the quality of services and reduce costs. Cost reduction has been and remains the main engine of automation. However, RPA promises many more benefits than simple cost-cutting. "Hire a robot" has become an important part of the digital transformation.

While previous automation efforts focused on data processing, RPA relies on automation of the steps between automated processes. The advantage of RPA, and why companies like it so much, is that it allows customers to introduce the level of automation to older processes without the need to upload and replace older systems. This translates into lower costs of implementing automation compared to introducing changes to existing software.

One concern that often arises around the topic of automation is that employees will lose their jobs, but this results not to be true. Robots take over the most boring, repetitive and time-absorbing tasks. It allows employees to concentrate on other, more ambitious, creative work. Thanks to the successively implemented RPA, organizations can re-position their employees to high-value-added roles that may require judgment, feedback and empathy.

The most important RPA advantages

eliminates human errors

improves internal processes
and structures them

Reduces costs
and implementation time

ensures fast and attractive return on investment (ROI)


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