Below you will find solutions that we offer our clients. 

All our services and products are built on the foundations of innovation, efficiency and professionalism. 

Thanks to partnerships with hardware and software producers, we provide access to modern technologies

Automation of business processes

RPA is a set of algorithms in intelligent software. Automation of business processes is based on programming a robot that recreates the actions of an employee on a computer. It ensures high quality of services, minimizes the risk of errors and increases flexibility. Robotization contributes to the optimal use of the company's resources and greater creativity of the staff.


The implementation of modern technologies increases the company's competitiveness on the market. We help you go through every stage of digital transformation. We provide support in creating a digital business strategy, purchasing hardware and software and implementing solutions. Thanks to digitization, the company will enter a higher level of technology, achieving
efficiency and performance of services and higher profits.


Investing in a virtual employee increases the operational speed of activities and the quality of services provided. We will program a robot that will relieve employees from monotonous, repetitive, not very creative tasks. The robot takes over the most labour-intensive tasks based on a detailed script. We offer to rent a dedicated robot or employing a bot.


Outsourcing of server and application infrastructure is comprehensive service over hardware and business applications. We offer technical assistance and constant support for small, medium and large companies. We approach each client individually - we select IT management solutions and methods for their industry. IT administration. Data Center. Cloud migration. And a lot more.


The future is closer than you think. Solutions based on artificial intelligence facilitate many daily activities, speeding them up and improving the results obtained. We prepare AI projects based on the client's expectations. For this purpose, we use the services of Microsoft (AZURE), Amazon (AWS), Google (Google Cloud) and proprietary solutions based on modern open-source libraries (Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, TensorFlow, Torch, Accord.NET, Keras).


Chatbot can become your virtual assistant. It is used in many companies as software that simulates human conversations. It automatically registers reports, replies to inquiries, sends back to the website or sends the necessary information. We prepare the script, voice, contextual and social media chatbots, such as Slack, Skype or Messenger. We program them to work in real-time.


DevOps connects people, processes and technologies in modern organizations. Agile management of software development allows you to overcome the problems that occur throughout the service life cycle. We develop action plans, thanks to which you will quickly react to possible errors. You will improve the ongoing business processes, increase the consistency of environments and ensure business continuity. 


The Nightingale Consulting team consists of qualified experts, thanks to you will learn about the world of modern technology. We have developed courses and training for business employees, where we combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises. We offer training in business process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence, IT project management and programming.


Building new software requires professional support. It is necessary to meet technical requirements, adapt to the latest technological trends and ensure ongoing updates. We offer services related to the development of new software and the modification of existing business applications, incl. web, mobile, DevOps, business analysis.


In progress

Google Ads

Take advantage of Google's market power and display Google Ads. Place your ads on Google search. Text ads and - especially interesting for online store operators - product advertising through Google Shopping quickly and directly provide your company with many additional customers. We can design, create, run and manage your marketing campaigns.
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